Why Do Acrylic Nails Hurt?

Why Do Acrylic Nails Hurt?


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One of the most sought-after  manicure Singapore services is getting acrylic nails. What is it and how is it applied?


Acrylic nails are a combination of liquid monomer and powder made into a blob of dough, applied and shaped on your nails using a brush and then air-dried. It’s a great option to extend and reshape your nails.


Acrylic nails hurt according to some who tried them, especially during the first time. However, it could mean anything – a nail tech could cause the trauma or the person with acrylic nails might have been careless in some point.


Here are common reasons why acrylic nails hurt:


  1. Your nails are cracked – if there’s damage on your nails, you will continue to feel pain if you won’t have the acrylic nails removed. This happens when we get too rowdy and hit our nails on something, which causes the hurt.
  2. Nail snagging – the acrylic powder is directly applied to the nail, and if you hold on to something incorrectly, it can be painful. Nail snag can cause a chip, crack or even break the whole nail. Depending on the level of damage, the pain can quickly go away but might also last for several days.
  3. Fungal or bacterial infection – acrylic nails can lift the base of your nail and of this happens, the opened hole can cause a problem if left untreated. There are unhygienic salon tools, which can be the main reason of bacterial and fungal acrylic nail infection. If you’re infected, you’ll notice reddish, painful and a discharge around the base of your nail and will discolor later. Make sure that the tools are sanitized well.
  4. Allergic response – contact dermatitis can happen; it’s an allergic reaction to the acrylic nail. If you have sensitive skin, there’s a tendency that the chemicals used will trigger the allergic response.
  5. Over-filing your nails – when attaching the nail acrylics, your nails are ground down to smoothen and flatten the surface so that the acrylic base can stick to it perfectly. If this is done excessively far, it can cause pain and redness. Whereas overfilling the nails can also wear out its common establishment, which can add pain if they are snagged or cracked.
  6. Acrylic is a little thick – only a little acrylic is needed when applying it to your natural nails. There are technicians who apply too much of it, making it thicker than the usual. This can cause discomfort.
  7. You nail technician applied to much pressure – there are nail technicians with heavy hands and will tend to apply too much pressure on your nails. If you feel that the pressure is too much, let your nail technician know.
  8. It’s your first time to feel different – it can feel weird at first, and you may experience discomfort. You’ll get used to the feeling of having them after a day or two.
  9. Your cuticles were freshly pushed and plucked – some individuals feel pain after the acrylics are on their nails because of pushing and plucking of cuticles. The extra skin pulled off during this process can be painful on your first day.


If you decide to go to a manicure Singapore salon to have acrylic nails, it is best to understand the causes of the pain you’ll feel to make sure it won’t be a prolonged and recurring nail problem.

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