What Nail Shape Looks Best On Short Chubby Fingers?

Pedicure Singapore In Focus: What Nail Shape Looks Best On Short Chubby Fingers?


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Pedicure Singapore In Focus: Top 5 Nail Shapes That Look Best On Short Chubby Fingers


Do you have chubby fingers and would like to splurge yourself on a manicure or pedicure Singapore salon but you don’t know the right shape? In this article, you’ll find out the top 5 nail shapes that you can choose from before heading out to a salon.


Nail Shape Definition

The nail shape is the physical form, look, appearance or size of your fingernails. It defines the type of shape you can wear regardless of your finger’s look. If you know the overall physical appearance of your nails including the length, width, etc. it will help you make the right choice.


Understand the shape of your fingers to complement that shape of your nails. Do you have short or long fingers? How does your nail beds look? Do you have fat or chubby fingers?


Types of Nail Shapes

Here are few of the nail shapes listed below:

  • Square
  • Squoval
  • Round
  • Oval
  • Almond
  • Stilleto
  • Coffin Nails


The Best Nail Shape for Chubby Fingers:


  1. Oval – this is perfect for those who would like a friendly kind of nail shape. It’s attractive, shiny and the maintenance cost is low. It can help you create an illusion of having an extended finger regardless of how wide your nail beds are.


  1. Almond – this is another best and sought after nail shape in a manicure or pedicure Singapore salons. Your nails will have tapered and rounded tips that have slim sides at the same time, which makes it a go-to nail shape for those who have chubby fingers. However, this shape requires more maintenance. The almond nail shape helps in creating an illusion of having an extended and slender finger.


  1. Round – if you have little time for a manicure, a round shape is perfect for you. Your nails will look natural with a slight curvature at the tips. The cost of maintaining this shape is very minimal too!


  1. Coffin – it’s also called as ballerina nails and one of the best options that you can try. The shape is like a stiletto shape only with little modification. However, this needs constant upkeep but still a perfect choice for those who want to level up their nail game.


  1. Squoval – if you think pointy-shaped nails are too much, then this option is perfect for you. It is a combination of square and oval shape for your nails to achieve a classic yet more defined shape for a modern woman. One advantage of this shape is that it doesn’t chip much than the almond-shaped nail, making it a favorite option for many.



Suggested Nail Polish for Chubby Fingers


It’s best if you wear a more pronounced and captivating color like red, sky blue, nude, orange or neutral pink. This can grab other’s attention on your nails and not on your fingers.


You can try different types of colors and test which fits your mood, taste, event or just an ordinary day.


At this point, you might have already chosen a perfect nail shape, you just need to determine the color that makes you comfortable throughout the day or the week.



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