What is Express Gel Manicure?

Popular Gel Manicure Singapore: What is Express Gel Manicure?


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Gel Manicure Singapore: What You Need to Know About Express Gel Manicure


Express gel manicure has become an instant phenomenon when it was introduced  in salons because it’s durable and quick. It’s irresistible due to its chip-free application that can last up to two weeks or more, which makes it a popular choice for many women.


Why is it a great option?


Whether you have long or short natural nails or want tips to be glued on first, you can get a gel manicure. It lasts longer, feels stronger and shines like no other.


Gel manicure process works like this:

  • It starts with cutting your nails.
  • Hands will be soaked lightly.
  • Cuticles will be trimmed.
  • Thorough hand-cleaning.
  • The polish is a little different. Your nails be will be primed for the gel by starting a base coat layer. The polish is a special kind since it uses UV light to firm it up and not air-dried.
  • Every after coat is painted; your hand will be placed under a UV light for about 30 seconds.
  • A glossy topcoat will be applied, which will take 1 final minute under the UV light lamp, and then you’re done.


How long does it last?


Generally, gel manicure can last up to two to three weeks, but it always depends on how you treat your hands, just like when you have your regular nail polish. As long as the gels on your nails are not chipping, you can leave them on for two to three weeks. However, breaks between having manicures can make sure that your nails stay healthy and strong.


Tips on how to remove your gel manicure


This is not as simple as putting acetone and swabbing the gel polish away. It needs patience, time and most especially no picking or plucking them off! Even if you do it in a salon or at home, here are tips on how you can remove them:

  1. Soak the cotton balls with acetone and cover each of your nails with it.
  2. Hold them in place using an aluminum foil.
  3. Let it sit for about 10 to 15 minutes.
  4. The gel polish will just slide off without doing any scraping or filing. Stubborn spots may be assisted gently using a wooden stick.


Is Gel manicure really damaging for your nails?


This is a common misconception that we can correct. The gel is not always the one to blame when your nails are harmed. Usually, it’s the removal process that’s weakening the nails. Your nail bed should not be buffed or filed when removing the gels off since it can crack and roughen the texture of your nails.


In removing the gels, the polish should never be picked or peeled off since doing so can surely damage your nails. When the gels are picked off, nail layers are also removed along with it, and it will be harder for the next polish and gel to stay on the damaged nail.


It’s recommended to apply cuticle oil between appointments so that the area will be kept hydrated and healthy. It can protect the nail beds and skin around the nails as well.


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