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The Nailist, a Singapore nails and manicure service salon, is a celebration of sisterhood; the founders being sisters. We simply envisioned a warm place of relaxation minus the relentless pressure tactics common in the spa industry. At the Nailist salon we believe in best quality products and sincere service and trust that the rest will take care of itself!

Nailist Singapore – The Nail Art Specialist

Nail art manicure Singapore has become a trend, a creative way to make ourselves feel even more beautiful. It shows femininity, and it feels like we belong. It gives us identity in a more fashionable sense through the use of shapes and colours. The nail art applied defines who you are. Are you more into French manicure? – A delicate type. Are you fond of using black nails? – An aggressive kind.

Nail art gives us the sensibility to take care of our hands, feet and nail. Not all are gifted with talents in art, and it’s even more difficult to do it on your own nail. Thanks to the nail salon near us, we get convenience and relaxing salon treatment.

The Nailist Singapore salon provides only the best services and awesome deals for all your nail art needs. Our nail art team is not just talented; we are one of the best Nail Art Specialists in Singapore. Our staff are well-trained to pamper your nails, very detail oriented and can meet your expectations.

Our nail art team can decorate, use colourful paint or even embellish the nail just the way you love them. Tell us what you have in mind, and we’ll do the rest. Just sit tight and relax in our simple yet gratifying ambiance.

Nails Manicure

There are different types of nail services that you can avail. It may vary depending on your needs and budget.

Express Manicure & Pedicure – the express nail service experience may be short and sweet but the express treatment begins with a calming soak and continues with the maintenance of cuticle. We then shape up your nails, buff it and lastly flawlessly polish them.

Gelish Manicure & Pedicure – it uses LED and UV light wavelengths to each layer to enhance your nail colour’s durability and longevity while we keep your natural nails healthy and protected at the same time.

Classic Manicure & Pedicure – this is the traditional way of doing your nails. The steps include cutting and shaping the nails, and then trimming the cuticle. A nail polish will be applied using the colour of your choice. A cuticle oil may be applied as well.

Classic Gel Extension – we add length to your nails like a press-on using a gel that is the same as the gel polish. It is long-lasting and durable too.

Acrylic Extension – we use a plastic plate that’s lightweight just like the shape of your nail and glue it on top of your nail to add more length.

Overlay – the process here does not extend the length of your nails. A hard-wearing and strong gel or acrylic is applied directly to your natural nails and then shaped to give it a neat and attractive look.

Nail art – it involves decorating, painting, elaborating and improving the nails. This will make your nails look more stylish and beautiful too. This is done right after manicure or pedicure process. There are different tools that professionals use such as nail art stickers, rhinestones, dotting tools, loose or confetti glitter, stamping kit and more.

What Clients Says About Our Nail Art

“My favourite place to get my nails done after so trying so many places cheap, affordable, many colours to choose from, excellent service with such friendly staff. Had about almost all of their staff do my nails before and they are equally as good, never had a problem and they always pay attention to detail, no hard selling of packages which is the best part and even though they don’t have massage chairs etc like normal nail salons, the environment and simplicity of it makes me feel super chill and relaxed. $30 for a express mani or pedi and $28 for a full manicure in town area? Cant beat that!”
Cheryl Lynette Goh – The Nailist City Salon

“A professional Nail Salon where the girls actually focus on their job, and don’t talk to each other while they’re making our nails look fantastic! With great results naturally.”
Joy. R. – The Nailist City Salon

“Best place in Holland area for manicure and pedicure! No touting just loads of warm welcome. Highly recommended!”
Susan Mac. – The Nailist Salon

“I really love it here. this is my usual mani/pedi place as they have affordable prices (singapore gets expensive at times!) and give great customer services. If you are a regular Jen will remember you and personally come and catch up every time you come back! Love that! Highly recommend.”
Elisa H. – The Nailist Salon

Manicure FAQ


How much does a manicure cost?

Depending on the type of manicure singapore you would like, prices may range from $8 to $15 for express manicure, while the classic manicure may range from $25 to $35.


What is the price for express gel nail art?

Professional service fee starts at $25.


Does Nailist provides express gel pedicure?

Yes for $38.


How long should a gel manicure last?

If it’s done properly, it can last up to two weeks.


What is the fastest way to take off gel nail at home?

Prepare a nail file, cotton balls, acetone and foil.
You can buff it first using a nail file, do this until the shine is removed. Get a cotton ball and soak it in acetone, place it on top of the nails. You then wrap each finger with a foil for 10 to 15 minutes. The gel nail will slide right off along with the cotton ball.


Is it OK to peel off gel nail polish?

No. Aside from removing the gel manicure, you will also be peeling off the delicate top layers of your nails resulting to irregularities in its texture and having white patches all over.


Are manicures worth the money??

Definitely, yes!


Tips for healthy nails?

• Your nail should always be dry and clean.
• Use only sharp clippers or scissors and cut your nail straight across.
• Keep it shaped and clean from snags by using an emery board when filing.
• Refrain from using your nail as a tool to open cans, etc.
• Refrain from biting your nail or removing the cuticle.
• Toe nail needs to be trimmed regularly.
• Thick and difficult to trim nail may be soaked in warm water with salt for 5 to 10 minutes. Mix one tsp. of salt for every pint of water.
• Do not dig out ingrown toe nail most especially if they are sore and infected.
• Choose to wear shoes that fit properly to avoid damaging your nail.
• If you are in public showers and pool, wear flip flops at all times to protect your nail.

What is the difference between Express and Classic Manicure?

Express manicure is purely just buff, file and coating it with one colour. Express nail service is cheaper and the process is like doing it at home, but you’re just paying a professional to do the express nail service for you. Express nail service takes about half an hour for you to be done.

Classic Manicure involves soaking and massaging, and the process is sort of the same with express manicure. The nail are cut and shaped; the cuticles are trimmed. A nail polish is applied after. It may take about an hour or more for the whole process as compared to express nail service

If you prefer to have it done quickly, you can choose express manicure. However, if you want to take time and relax for a bit more, then you can choose classic manicure.

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