How Much Does a Gel Manicure Cost?


How Much Does a Gel Manicure Cost?



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Are you tired of your usual manicure? Treat yourself by splurging in a lavish gel manicure Singapore. Boost your confidence by adding a little nail art, rhinestones and the latest colour hues combined with your outfit for the day and an excellent hair day. A good and reliable manicure can last longer (up to four weeks) if it’s done right.


Not of all us knows how to do our nails on our own and paying for someone else to do it for us is the best choice, and since there are many nail salons in Singapore, you’ll be surprised to find cheap but still high-quality service due to competition.


The price range for gel manicure would depend on the type of service that you would like to have. Is it an express manicure? An express gelish manicure with pedicure combo? Would you want additional designs (the charge would be per nail)? The price starts at $8, and you may be charged as much as $100+, but it’s definitely worth your money!


But before getting yourself a gel manicure, here are important facts that you will want to know:

  • Gel is not the same with acrylic – acrylic nails are done using a powder immersed in the solvent.
  • Check different types of polishes containing ingredients that you’re comfortable to use – there are healthier polishes in gel manicures that promises healthy nails lasting to 14 days without experiencing a chipped tip.
  • Nails don’t need to “breathe” actually – the whole idea of nails breathing is a myth.
  • Your bed nails can weaken, but not because of the gel; it’s because of the removal process – during the application and removal procedure, you need to be careful not to rip them off and have it removed from a salon safely.
  • While removing the polish, watch the manicurist – always check what the nail technician is doing.
  • The gels can be removed at home safely – you can do it by yourself, but you need to be very careful. Use a 100% acetone or gel remover. Soak the cotton ball with acetone or gel remover and place it on top of your nails. Lastly, wrap every nail using tinfoil. Depending on the type of gel, you can do this for 15 minutes to 1 hour. You can remove the gel once it starts to crumble or slide off by using a cuticle pusher with a rubber end. Don’t use a scrape or file.
  • Nail beds should always be hydrated.
  • UV radiation is dangerous to your health – even if they are part of the nail services, unnecessary use of UV rays can be harmful for your health.
  • Gel kits at-home works.
  • Gel can cost from $35 to $120.
  • Gel mani and pedi can last two to three weeks.
  • Check for “toxic trio” ingredients that can cause cancer, namely dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde and toluene.


And lastly, trimming your cuticles will put you at risk of infection, and it’s essential to ask your nail technician before starting.

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