How Long Should A Manicure Last?

How Long Should A Manicure Last?


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A manicure keeps your nails looking at their best and observing a good habit of doing so protects the overall health of your nails.


There are many manicure Singapore services that you can choose from and when it comes to how long they last; it depends on many factors. Your manicure should last seven to ten days and to help you achieve this, here are steps that you can follow:


  1. Go for shorter nails – talons look dated, and they are more likely to break, split and even detach from your nail bed. Longer nails acts like a lever and any kind of force to it can lift your nail upward and away from the nail bed.
  2. Shape up your nails – the easiest shapes to maintain are nails that have a slightly oval or rounded shape. File in one direction gently. Sawing it back and forth can weaken the tips of the nails which will result to peeling or shredding.
  3. Prep first before polishing – if you notice vertical ridges on the nails, smoothen the surface by putting a ridge-filling strengthener. One good rule to remember: if you feel friction or heat, back off. Swab your nails with alcohol before applying the polish to get rid of oily residue from lotions and creams. Oil can make your polish lift and peel.
  4. Skip the soaking procedure – this is a standard step in most nail salons, but it’s not a good idea. Nail beds expand when they are submerged in water and shrink when dried, which can cause the polish to loosen. Soaking in water is good if you want to soften the cuticle, but it’s best to use a cuticle softener.
  5. Your nails should be moisturized every night – nails that are dehydrated can split and break, while cuticles that aren’t moisturized can become ragged, resulting to hangnails or pieces of dead skin. You can nourish your nail beds and cuticles by using cuticle oil every night. Doing this will help your manicure last longer.
  6. Apply a base coat – a base coat enables the polish to wear and stick longer. When you use lacquer, brush strokes should be minimal and coats up to two. Fewer coats will get a less chance of streaking, and you avoid creating bubbles and air pockets caused by applying a thick layer of polish.
  7. Top coat is a must – polishing and applying a topcoat over the nail’s top edge can defend you against nail chipping, and it also acts as a seal at the same time. Maintain your manicure by applying a topcoat every other day all over the nail.


Chipping still happens even if you do your best defense against it. You can fix it by soaking a cotton swab in a nail polish remover, dabbling it on and around the scratched area to even it out. You can apply a thin coat of nail polish followed by a topcoat.


When you go to a manicure Singapore salon, you can take extra precautions to avoid getting an infection by bringing your own tools, or choose a salon that uses an autoclave that sanitizes their tools after every client.


Additional tip: your cuticle should not be trimmed since it seals the gap between your skin and nail. If this part is damaged, germs can infiltrate, which can potentially cause an infection.

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