How Fast Do Nails Grow?

Pedicure Singapore Question of the Day: How Fast Do Nails Grow?



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Pedicure Singapore Question of the Day: How Fast Do Nails Grow? Factors and Growth Tips


Today, let’s focus on our pedicure Singapore question of the day: How fast do your nails grow, the factors affecting it and some helpful tips for growing them.


How Fast?

The average growth rate of your fingernails is 3.47 millimeters (mm) each month, or around a tenth millimeter each day. You can imagine the average grain of short-sized rice – around 5.5 millimeters long.


Once you lose a fingernail, you can’t expect to have a full growth quickly. You’ll need to wait for about six months. Your dominant hand fingernails grow faster compared to all your other nails, same goes with the nails on your fingers that are longer.


During the day and summertime, fingernails tend to grow faster. This may sound odd, but some factors affect the growth speed of your nails.


Factors Affecting Nail Growth

There are a few factors that can make your nails grow faster or slower than its normal rate.


  1. Age – the nail growth rate of younger individuals is faster. It was observed in a study published in the year 1980. The change of speed in nail growth can be associated with increased age and circulation.
  2. Fingernail location – dominant hand fingernails grow faster because you use it more. With this, you have an increased risk for trauma such as getting fingernails caught on a snag or you got them hit by a hammer. If a trauma happens on your nails, your body naturally responds by sending more nutrients and blood to help in repairing them, and this can increase the growth speed of the nails.


A study was conducted in 2007 and found that your little finger’s nail grows slower than the other fingernails.

  1. Hormones – pregnant women usually experience an intense increase in progesterone and estrogen. Such hormonal changes result in rapid growth in nails but slow down during the lactation period.


Another instance is during the puberty stage. It is observed that nail growth during this time peak and decline as the hormone levels tend to balance out with age.


  1. Nail-biting and clipping – the growth rate of nails is faster for those who habitually bite their fingernails. It stimulates circulation in their nail beds since biting can cause nail trauma.


Frequency in nail clipping can make your nails grow a little faster than usual. The risks involved in nail clipping is not the same as nail-biting.


  1. Health condition – if you have a chronic health condition, it will affect the growth rate of your nails, shape, and appearance. Nail symptoms are visible with the following health problems:
  • Lupus
  • Psoriasis
  • Kidney disease
  • Thyroid disease
  • Endocarditis
  • Liver disease
  • Ingrown toenail is a nail disorder that can also affect nail growth.
  • Diabetic individuals will need to be more careful and to contact their physician if a nail injury happens or notice something unusual.



Toenails grow slower compared to fingernails. They only grow about 1.62 every month. Losing a toenail will take about a year and a half for full growth. Toenails are less likely to experience trauma than fingernails.


Nail Growth Tips

Strengthen your nails through the following methods:


  • Take biotin.
  • Use nail hardeners sparingly.
  • Refrain from using toxic polishes as well as glue-on nails.
  • Keep your nails clean.


Before visiting a pedicure Singapore salon, make sure to check the condition of your nails first or have them assessed by the nail technician. Know your options and associated risks for a certain manicure or pedicure service.







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