Do Gel Nails Ruin Your Nails?

Gel Manicure Singapore FAQ:  Do Gel Nails Ruin Your Nails?



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Gel Manicure Singapore FAQ:  Do Gel Nails Ruin Your Nails? True or False?


Gel Manicures are offered in most salons because women love its indestructibility, glossy effect and the risk of chipping your polish is zero, lasting for weeks!


One of the most frequently asked gel manicure Singapore question: Do gel nails ruin your nails? FALSE. One of the amazing benefits of having a gel manicure is that it can provide a harder layer of protection on your natural nail resulting in an increase of nail growth.


However, you do need to know one thing. Continuous use of gel polish may not ruin your nails, but it can weaken them in the long run due to the chemicals being used during the application and removal process. Aside from that, there are certain things that you might be doing that actually are the reasons why your nails may be ruined while having your gel polish.


Here are mistakes that you should avoid on gel polish to keep your nails healthy at all times.


  1. Having gel mani back-to-back – gel manicure application and removal can cause a wear and tear to your nails, which is why you need to give breaks in between with your manicure sessions. Your nail plates can get suffocated if you are consistent in having nail gels every two weeks resulting to nail dehydration, leading to breakage.
  2. Leaving gel polish on your nails for too long – nail gels are popular because it can last for weeks without experiencing nail chipping. This is indeed tempting but professionals highly recommends to have your gel manicures removed after two to three weeks maximum so that your cuticles and nail beds won’t be damaged. Having them on for a longer time can potentially weaken your nails and encourage bad bacteria growth. Once you see the gel starts to lift; moisture can get under it and lead to bacteria development.
  3. Removing gel polish on your own is very risky – although you always have the option to remove them by yourself at home, experts are against it actually. Getting professional removal service is always the safest. There are many things you have to take note and remember before you handle things on your own.
  4. Not using cuticle oil – nail damage can be assessed based on its flexibility. Normal nails are fairly flexible. Harder and sturdier nails are more likely to break. Cold weather or winter season can make your skin drier, but with proper cuticle hydration, it can have a positive impact on your nails. Acetone is very drying to your nail bed, which can cause brittleness and breakage to your nails over time. You can face this dilemma by using cuticle oil to keep them hydrated.


One of women’s priority is keeping the nails look good even without having any polish on. And no matter how much you love your gel polish, always remember to set breaks in between and not to have them on your nails for a very long time even if they still look good.


Hope this gel manicure Singapore FAQ was able to answer your concern about gel polish ruining your nails.

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