Are Pedicures Bad for Your Feet?

Manicure and Pedicure Singapore Q&A: Are Pedicures Bad for Your Feet?



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Manicure and Pedicure Singapore Q&A: Are Pedicures Bad and Unhealthy for Your Feet?


Another manicure and pedicure Singapore Q&A that we are discussing today: Are Pedicures Bad and Unhealthy for Your Feet? A lot of people today want to be pampered by getting a pedicure through a salon. Generally, a pedicure is not bad for your feet but there are health risks associated with it.


Even professional pedicures can still put you at risk in developing ingrown toenails, foot fungus and other dangerous types of infections. There are ways on how you can keep your feet looking good while minimizing the chances of getting yourself an infection.


Professional Pedicures in Salons

The main risk here is cross-contamination. You are in a public facility with many other customers using the same tools that might not be cleaned and sanitized properly. With this, bacteria could spread and penetrate your skin, which could lead to having an infection in no time.


Pedicure is NOT Advisable for Some Individuals

For those who have poor blood circulation and are diabetic, getting a pedicure is not recommended. For others, even if you think you are healthy, you can avail of pedicure services at your own risk but make sure that the salon sterilizes their tools.


What You Should Watch Out For

  1. Shaving before a pedicure session – you may nick yourself and become highly exposed to getting an infection.
  2. Footbaths – see to it that salon staff drain, rinse and sanitize the footbaths in between clients since infections may start from soaking your feet in bubbly water. This type of equipment is hard to clean and if not sanitized properly, even the smallest nicks of your skin can become an opportunity for bacteria to enter your body.
  3. Is the Salon licensed to sterilize the pedicure tools? – A reputable salon uses a sealed package of brand new or sanitized tools for every customer. You can also bring your mani and pedi tools to the salon and request the technician to use it on you.
  4. Polish change without footbath – you can have your nails painted without putting your feet in a footbath.


Other Things to Keep In Mind

  • Always keep your feet nourished – use moisturizer every after a shower once your feet are all dried up of water.
  • Exfoliate – use a pumice stone to remove rough spots when your feet are wet, but when they’re dry use pedicure foot file. Diabetic individuals are not recommended to use foot files.
  • Refrain from trimming your nails too short – clipping them straight across can cause painful ingrown toenails.


Infection Signs

  • Fungus on your nails – your nail will turn yellow or black and will thicken at the same time.
  • Ingrown toenail – swollen, red and painful toe.
  • Infection – swelling and redness on your leg or foot.


If you suspect you have an infection, see your primary care physician right away. The fungus can improve in six months to a year with proper treatment. An ingrown toenail can be trimmed in your physician’s office or clinic.


You find other manicure and pedicure Singapore helpful information to help you take care of your feet and to know if getting them regularly are good options for your lifestyle.







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