Are Manicures Safe?

Are Manicures Safe?


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There have been rumors circulating in the Internet space, specifically in social media and forums that various diseases may be acquired, such as hepatitis, while having a manicure in a salon. But you know how fake news can easily be spread these days, right? True or not, individuals should choose a manicure Singapore salon that pays attention not only aesthetically, but should also follow the needed safety rules at the same time.


Here are some awesome tips to remember for a safe manicure:


  1. A bag of tools opened right in front of you – sterilized tools are packaged in paper craft wherein nail technicians should open it in front of you. This is a guarantee that the tools are sterilized and cleaned by steam or dry air and are completely safe to be used.
  2. Napkins and wooden sticks should only be used once – manicure consumables must be disposable and you have to pay attention to these details when you are in a nail salon. The used sticks are either broken or stored in waste containers. There are salons that use ordinary towels to save money, this is a violation of safety rules. Each hand must be worked on a special napkin.
  3. It should not take less than one hour for a good manicure – but this is a case to case basis especially if the nails are already well-maintained but just need a quick manicure. You can ask the technician how much time for your chosen nail service to be done. Generally, about 40 minutes is already taken up by shaping the nails and removing the cuticles. You need at least 20 minutes to apply nail polish on your nails – degrease, base application, 2 layers nail polish application and a fixer. It may be done in less than an hour but there’s a high risk that your nails won’t be looking good after a few days.
  4. Cheap kind of polish is not applied on your nails – cheaper nail polish has a tendency to over dry your nails due to its high acid content, it digs deep on your nail plate, which will later damage the structure of your nails. Ask your technician first.
  5. Manicures are only done on healthy nail plates and hands – your hands should be assessed by the technician first for any skin scratches and diseases and will recommend letting you have the treatment once your hands are healed. This is to avoid any infectious diseases that can harm the overall health of your nails.
  6. Nail technicians are clean and have organized work area – used stuff for manicures like gloves, napkins, and many others should be discarded properly, and the whole area is also clean at the same time.
  7. Bring your own tools – there are salons that do not have sterilizing equipment such as autoclave, which can kill dangerous microorganisms in no time. If this is the case, bring your own set of tools. At least, you know you’re safe with your own manicure paraphernalia.
  8. Avoid getting your nails done on the eve of holidays – during such time, manicure Singapore salons are jam-packed, and they might not have enough time to sterilize their equipment.

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