What is Pedicure and Manicure?

What is Pedicure and Manicure? The Perks of Keeping Your Nails Healthy


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What Is Classic ManIcure?

How Much Does a Gel Manicure Cost?

Pedicure and Manicure singapore are not just a trend; it has become an important option for most people to keep their nails clean, styled and attractive.


Pedicure is a term used in cosmetic treatment of your toenails and feet. This is usually done for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes. It’s very popular, especially in women.


Manicure is the term used in cosmetic beauty treatment for your hands and nails that may optionally be done at home or in a salon providing this kind of service. It involves filing, pushing, clipping, treatments, hand massage and applying a nail polish.


We must not take our nails for granted, keeping them healthy can give us various benefits:

  • Well-maintained nails improve overall health.
  • Regular manicure and pedicure lower the possibility of getting fungi and infections.
  • It can encourage new cell growth since dead skin cells are removed.
  • It improves blood flow.


It’s amazing, right? Nails are small but are still considered a vital part of our body that also needs our attention and care.


The Basic Steps of Manicure


A manicure is not that complicated, but it may take time since it will depend on the specific service that you would like to have. There’s the classic manicure, the express manicure singapore, etc. But just to give you an idea of the steps involved, here are the basics that you need to know that you can also simply do:

  1. If you have a nail polish currently applied to your nails, remove it by using a nail polish remover.
  2. Clip your nails according to your desired shape. Next is you use a file and then buff your nails using a nail buffer.
  3. Use a cuticle stick to push back your cuticles.
  4. Exfoliate your hands, including your wrists and forearms.
  5. Moisturize hands and massage a little.
  6. Apply a base coat to your nails. Let it sit for two minutes before the next coat.
  7. Apply a coat of nail polish using your desired color. Let it sit again for two minutes before proceeding to the second coat if you want to put on another layer.


How Professionals Do the Pedicure


Having a pedicure is one of the best treats you can give to yourself. Your feet are rubbed down and treated by a professional is heavenly! Here are general steps that experts usually do:


  1. Existing nail polish removal.
  2. Feet will be soaked in warm water.
  3. Cuticle stick will be used to push back dead skin.
  4. Feet will be exfoliated.
  5. Foot file will next be used to treat the calluses.
  6. Toenails will then be clipped and shaped using a nail file.
  7. Feet will be moisturized and then massaged.
  8. Desired color of nail polish will be applied.


Professionals are trained and equipped with the right tools to provide the best and quality service.

Types of Pedicures


Here is a list on the kinds of pedicures that you can avail.

  • French
  • Regular
  • Hot Stone
  • Paraffin
  • Fish
  • Mini
  • Ice Cream
  • Spa Waterless
  • Margarita
  • Salt
  • Athletic
  • Chocolate
  • Rose


How to Use Apple Cider for Pedi 


This is another way to take care of your feet. Apple cider can rejuvenate your feet and eradicate the fungus in your nails.


All you need to do is to mix 2 cups of apple cider vinegar and 2 cups of warm water. If you need more, just mix it in equal parts. Soak feet for 30 minutes. This is the first step that you need to do for your pedicure.


Prevent Unhealthy Fingernails and Toenails


It’s important to take care of your nails. Always remember the following tips:

  • Stop biting your nails and picking at your cuticles.
  • Stop Pulling off hangnails.
  • Don’t use too much harsh products for your nails.
  • Never ignore nail problems that keeps coming back, go to a dermatologist.


Choose a nail salon that’s licensed or certified for the job and make sure all their tools are sterilized.


Keeping it Nice and Clean!


To help you keep your nails looking at their best, here are things that you can do:

  1. Always keep your nails clean and dry to avoid bacteria buildup.
  2. Maintain good nail hygiene. Use only sharp and clean tools.
  3. Apply moisturizer.
  4. Put on protective layer.
  5. Check with your doctor about having Biotin.


Nails can potentially spread infection that’s why it’s recommended to keep your nails short and clean.


12 Nail Changes That You Need Be Aware Of 


You might notice some odd changes in your nails, and it may be a sign of a health issue. Here is a list along with their corresponding medical terms that you can take note:

  1. Dark streak: Acral lentiginous melanoma
  2. Nail lifting up: Onycholysis
  3. Redness and swelling around a nail: Paronychia
  4. Greenish black color: Paronychia
  5. Pitted nails: Pitting
  6. Yellow nails: Yellow nail syndrome
  7. Deep grooves (or gaps): Beau lines
  8. Ram’s horn nails: Onychogryphosis
  9. Thin, spoon-shaped nails: Koilonychia
  • Washboard nails: Onychotillomania
  • Curved nails: Clubbing
  1. Nail color changes:
  • Blue – not enough oxygen.
  • White – diabetes, liver disease.
  • Pale – Anemia.
  • Half pink, half white – Kidney disease.
  • Yellow – nail infection, lung disease.
  • Dusky red half-moons – heart disease, Could be lupus, arthritis, alopecia areata and dermatomyositis.
  • Blue half-moons – might be an indication of poisoning.


Understanding Subungual Melanoma – Skin Cancer


A kind of skin cancer that rarely develops beneath the surface of your nails is called melanoma or Subungual (means under the nail) melanoma may look like black or brown streak, usually misunderstood as a bruise.


It usually appears in big toenail or thumbnail but might also develop in other nails. The risk factor of getting this type of cancer is due to the repetitive injury to the finger or toenails.


It can spread to the other parts of the body and can be deadly. If there are signs of subungual melanoma, see a dermatologist right away.


The Right Time to Visit A Dermatologist


People have different reasons when seeing a dermatologist. It may be because of acne or skin problems, skin cancer, scar treatment, etc.


However, they also specialize in nail care and issues. So whenever you see a persistent change and problem with your nails, see a dermatologist right away to get the right assessment and be given the appropriate medication.

Avoid Damaging Your Fingernails and Toenails

Your nails should always be strong and healthy. Nail damage can lead to bigger problems in the long run; it may even lead to cancer if there is a continued injury and left untreated.


Manicure and Pedicure may have good health benefits but there are still risks. If you have an existing nail damage, avoid applying artificial nail on top of it. Numerous touchups can extremely harm natural nails.


Use artificial nails for special events. Minimize cuticle trimming as much as possible. LED curing light is highly recommended than using UV curing light. Soak-off gel is preferred than acrylic nails.


Tips on How to Keep Them Beautiful


Keeping your nails beautiful can be achieved by doing the following things:

  • Leave your cuticles alone.
  • Nail hardeners should be used cautiously.
  • The nail bed and cuticle should be moisturized.
  • If your doctor allows it, take biotin supplements.
  • Choose the right professional manicurists but limit the visits.
  • Avoid using polish removers that are acetone-based.
  • Don’t use rough emery boards.
  • Don’t wash your hands too much and avoid directly touching cleaning chemicals.
  • Some shampoos don’t work well with nails, especially those that strip oils from hair; it can dry your nails.
  • Opt for nail tips than full extensions to avoid bacterial and fungal infection.


The Importance of Letting the Experts Take Care of You


Nail experts are trained for the job, and you always get the right service for the price you paid. It’s important to let the experts handle your nails for the following reasons:

  • They know the dos and don’ts of nail care.
  • They have the right tools and facilities.
  • They can help you de-stress.


Choose the right nail spa that understands your needs.


Why Choose Nailist?


Nailist offers the perfect place, a warm cozy surrounding where you can just sit back, enjoy your moment and relax. We only offer high-quality products, putting 100% sincerity in our services.


How To Contact Nailist?



The Nailist – Holland Road Shopping Centre – 6463 0028

The Nailist – 313 Orchard Road – 6634 1603

The Nailist – Raffles Holland V – 6262 6163


Is Nailist Expensive?

No. The price is just right.

One of our clients even testified that our rates are affordable.


Nailist Singapore Branches Location

  • Holland Road Shopping Centre
  • 313 Orchard Road
  • Raffles Holland V


Nailist Services Offered

  • Full-range services of manicure and pedicure
  • Body waxing
  • Foot Reflexology
  • DPL hair removal (coming soon)


Read One of Our Comments

“I really love it here. This is my usual mani/pedi place as they have affordable prices (Singapore gets expensive at times!) and give great customer services. If you are a regular Jen will remember you and personally come and catch up every time you come back! Love that! Highly recommend.” – Elisa H.

Express Manicure


What is Express Manicure? Your Helpful Tips and Information

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What Is Classic Manicure?

Time is fast for some people, and they are mostly on the go. There’s not much time to have our nails maintained if that’s the case. However, fret not, express manicure singapore and pedicure are especially designed for those that want a quick fix.


Express manicure singapore is known for its short but sweet treatment that will only take a short amount of time, about 15 to 30 minutes.





In this article, you’ll learn awesome and helpful tips and other useful information on express manicure and its different types.


You’ll also learn some facts about keeping your fingernails well-maintained, about pink mani and pedi, the different nails culture in the world, your favorite celebrity’s style, how your personality influences the shade and style you choose for your nails and a whole lot more! You don’t want to miss out on any of the exciting fine points in here. Let’s continue, shall we?


How is Express Mani Completed?


The process involved in express manicure is super quick and easy. Here are four common steps:


  1. Your fingertips are soaked in a warm water.
  2. Your nails will be trimmed and then shaped depending on the style that you want.
  3. Cuticle care routine is performed.
  4. Applying nail polish of your choice.


Simple, right? However, it still needs to be done correctly to avoid damaging your nails.


Tools and Items Used in Express Manicures


Professionals or even those who maintain their fingernails at home knows the importance of using the right tools and items. Here’s a list of nail tools that you will want to know:


  • Polish remover or acetone to remove debris and polish.
  • Cuticle cream used at the bottom of your nail.
  • Emery boards or nail files.
  • Nail brush is used for your nail hygiene.
  • Cuticle pusher.
  • Cuticle scissors.
  • Nail Buffer.
  • Bamboo Sticks are used when cleaning up your excess cuticle.
  • Cuticle oil.
  • Tweezers to help grab tiny things.
  • Small paint brush.


Keep Your Fingernails Well-Maintained


Not all are fond of going to nail salons to have their nails maintained; they mostly prefer doing it on their own at home. However, still, your hands need appropriate hygiene, and you need to diligently clean and trim your fingernails to avoid collecting germs and dirt that usually lead to infection and to having pinworms. To prevent this, you need to do the following:


  • Keep your nails trimmed and shortened.
  • Scrub your nails with soap and water each time you wash your hands.
  • Make sure that the nail tools are clean and sterilized before using them.
  • Don’t bite and chew on your nails.
  • Don’t cut your cuticles, they block and stop infection.
  • Hangnails should not be ripped or bitten. Use a trimmer.


Pink Mani and Pedicure


Pink Nails is not a new thing, in fact, there are a lot of mani and pedicure ideas for those who love this color. Here are pretty pink nail art ideas and designs that you can tell your manicurist:


  • Muted Pink with Jewels.
  • Brink pink with cotton candy and gold glitter stripes.
  • Neon pink with pastel rose and tiny dots.
  • Baby pink with holo stars.
  • Milky pink with glitter and holo nails.
  • Strawberry milk with gold zodiac constellation stickers.
  • Champagne pink half-moon with gold accents.
  • Ombré pink *Skittle* manicure.
  • Pink-lavender color jelly nail extensions.
  • Rainbow glitter with pale pink.
  • Pastel pink with candy sprinkles nail art.
  • Simple neon pink accent.
  • Baby pink with gold glitter French tip.
  • Graphic hot pink nail art with yellow dots.
  • Negative space pink with white manicure.


Nails Culture around the World


Nails that are sculptured, fiberglass wrapped, acrylic coated and nail art have international following and natural manicure is considered as a cultural universal.


The fastest growing markets around the world for artificial nail care include France, England, Germany and other areas of Western Europe. Australia also shows a boost in market growth for this industry. There are places that still do natural nail care and does not apply artificial method that much such as Eastern Europe, Scandinavian countries, South America and the Far east.


In Asian countries, basic mani and pedi are still very popular using the techniques in cuticle cutting. Round and square shapes as well as French manicure is the most popular styles here. Artificial nails are not that prevalent for most Asian women. Those that use artificial nails mainly use sculptured nails or acrylic overlays for the tips.


The Flair of Your Favorite Celebrity


We all have our favorite stars and celebs that we love to follow and stalk especially on how they glam up their nails. We may belong to different countries, but they have great influence in us whenever the style for our nails. Here are few celebs with their nail flairs that you can check out:


  • Kylie Jenner’s French Dip.
  • Bella Hadid’s Yellow-dipped nails.
  • Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s reverse Frenchie.
  • Gigi Hadid’s super kawaii 3D nails.


These styles were done by popular manicurists such as Mei Kawajiri, Betina R. Goldstein, Chaun P. Legend and a few more others.


Simple, Chic or Loud Designs?


The design of our nails depends on different factors. It can be more of a personal reason or you are basing your decision on a special event, or it can be because of your favorite artist’s influence.


Simple – basic manicure, it’s fast and fuss-free.

Chic – it’s more stylish than the basic French manicure.

Loud – uses eye-catching colors, glossy and vibrant.


What is Your Shade?


According to experts, your nail color polish reveals a certain part of who you are. Try to see if the shades below really says who you are:


  • Pearly pink – professional.
  • Red – glamorous.
  • White – a blank slate.
  • Clear – you care but you’re just busy.
  • Artistic designs – creative.
  • Gem tones – a classic twist.
  • Neon – spontaneous.
  • Nude – low maintenance.
  • Black – shows inner femme fatale.


To DIY or to Go to a Professional?


DIY or do it yourself is a good option for those who are not comfortable in having others touch their nails. Aside for that reason, DIY saves you money, an opportunity to spend some “me time” and allows you to become creative.


However, going to a professional is best for those who can’t control the tools for manicure and pedicure or who would like to relax and reward themselves for their hard work.


Which one do you think is the best option for you?


Is it Worth Your Money to Pay For Professional Services?


Definitely, yes. You get the right pampering with all the amenities that you pay for and your nails are in good hands.


The Perfect Place for Your Fingernails


The Nailist

A passionate team of experts with three branches in Singapore.

The Nailist – Holland Road Shopping Centre

The Nailist – 313 Orchard Road

The Nailist – Raffles Holland V


A Comment from One of Our Clients

“A professional Nail Salon where the girls actually focus on their job, and don’t talk to each other while they’re making our nails look fantastic! With great results naturally”

Joy R. – The Nailist City


Booking a Schedule


Booking a schedule is highly recommended to ensure an open seat for you without having to wait for a long que.


Telephone Numbers 


The Nailist – Holland Road Shopping Centre – 6463 0028

The Nailist – 313 Orchard Road – 6634 1603

The Nailist – Raffles Holland V – 6262 6163







What Is Classic Manicure?

What Is Classic Manicure – Nail Spa & Treatment

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What is Pedicure and Manicure? The Perks of Keeping Your Nails Healthy

What is Express Manicure? Your Helpful Tips and Information




Our nails need proper maintenance and care and that is why our hands and feet should always be groomed perfectly. We just don’t want to make our hands look good, but we also want to feel our best every single day.


Classic manicure Singapore , the method applied here for coloring and nail care is by traditional way. It involves soaking of hands, nail trimming, shaping, buffing, removing the cuticle, a little hand and arm massage, and then you choose the nail lacquer that you like.


Types of Manicure


We all have our preferences for the type of manicure singapore that we’d like and often times; it depends on the kind of personality that you have, but the main point is keeping our nails clean and healthy. There are 12 types of manicure to choose from, which one would you recommend to yourself? Below are the details:


  1. Basic – this is more of a quick-fix for your nails, no fuss and quick and simple.
  2. French – the style goes perfectly with almost anything; it’s also stylish and chic. The nail is usually painted with beige or pink and then the tip of the nail is painted with plain white.
  3. Reverse French – it has two shades of nail just like the French manicure, but the main difference is that the moon part of the nail is the one that’s painted with white color and not the tip.
  4. Paraffin – if you have dry and dull hands, paraffin wax manicure is your best choice to achieve a soft and healthy-looking pair of hands. It’s highly recommended to do this in a spa and not at home because it needs special handling.
  5. Acrylic – this is an artificial extension of nails for those who would like a quick solution in growing their nails without having to worry about breaking them.
  6. Vinylux – if you don’t like to see the same nails for a longer time, then doing this kind of manicure is best for you since it only lasts for a few days, and you are free to change up the color of your nails again.
  7. Shellac – it’s a combination of gel and nail polish, and it is famous for its durability. This is good for people who can’t handle being extra careful with their nails from getting damaged. This perfect shiny type of nail can last for two weeks.
  8. American – this is more neutral and natural. The colors here are more subtle, and the tips of your nails will be painted with ivory or natural shades.
  9. Gel – this application is not just cheaper compared to the other types of manicure; it can also last for a few weeks.
  • Mirror – also known as chrome nails and the colors used here are strikingly eye-catching. The nails are sparkly too, and it is considered to be the coolest and most attractive kind of manicure.
  1. Brazilian – this one is a messy type, but it can last for a long time. The nail polish is applied in a messy kind of way. The cuticle is not pushed back, but it’s removed.
  • Hot stone – if you want to relax and de-stress at the same time, this is perfect for you. You’ll be holding “hot stones” to help you release the tension in the muscles of your hands.


Difference Between Classic & Express Manicure


Here are the main differences of classic and express manicure singapore:



  • It takes more time.
  • Cost twice as much.
  • Buff, file and coat.
  • It includes a soak and massage.
  • More time for you to relax.



  • Quick and easy.
  • It’s like doing it at home but just done professionally in a nail spa.
  • Good for those who are in a rush or who needs a quick fix.
  • Buff, file and coat.


Latest Designs


There are different types of nail art designs that you can request to your nail art expert inspired by cool celebrities, below are just a few details that you can take a look:

  • Spidey Nails – Vaness Hudgens.
  • Pinkity Drinkity – James Charles
  • Retro Rhinestone – Kylie Jenner
  • Lip Kit Mani – Kylie Jenner
  • Glossy Navy – Selena Gomez
  • Tie Tye – Kylie Jenner
  • Nude Talons – Billie Eilish
  • Neon Ombré – Kylie Jenner
  • Cow Print – Ariana Grande
  • Barbie Pink Flames – Ariel Winter
  • Pink Chrome – Kylie Jenner
  • Fiery Crimson – Rihanna
  • Girly Nude – Vanessa Morgan
  • Rose Gold Shimmer – Meghan Trainor
  • Artsy Paint Strokes – Nina Dobrev


How to protect your nails


Here are simple tips on how you can best protect your beautiful nails:

  • Fingernails should always be dry and clean.
  • Maintain good nail hygiene.
  • Use moisturizer.
  • Applying a protective layer is recommended.
  • Consult your doctor about biotin to help you strengthen your brittle and weak nails.
  • Don’t bite your nails.
  • Stop pulling off hangnails.
  • Refrain from using harsh nail products.
  • Consult a dermatologist if you have persisting nail problems.


Nailist Nail Salon Reviews


Here is a bullet list of compiled salon reviews that you will want to know:

  • Cheap.
  • Affordable.
  • Many colors to choose from.
  • Excellent service.
  • Friendly staff.
  • Always pay attention to detail.
  • No hard selling of packages.
  • Environment and simplicity makes me feel super chill and relaxed.
  • A professional nail salon where the girls actually focus on their job.
  • Highly recommended.
  • Best place in Holland area for manicure and pedicure.


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What services do you offer?
  • Express, Gelish, Classic Mani/Pedi.
  • Gel and Acrylic types of Extension.
  • Nail art.


  1. Is it affordable?
  • Yes


  1. How much do your services cost?
  • The cost varies from the type of service you’d like to have. For example, Gel Pedi is $38.


Our Branches


The Nailist – Holland Shopping Centre

  • 211 Holland Avenue, Unit 03-31/ 32

Holland Road Shopping Centre

Singapore 278967

  • Tel: 6463 0028


The Nailist – 313 Orchard Road

  • ­ 313 Orchard Rd, Unit B2-06


Singapore 238895

Tel: 6634 1603


The Nailist – Raffles Holland V

  • 118 Holland Avenue, Unit 03-03

Singapore 278997

Tel: 6262 6163


Our Operating Hours


The Nailist – Holland Shopping Centre – Monday to Friday – 9am to 8pm

– Sat, Sun and PH – 9am to 7pm


The Nailist – 313 Orchard Road – Monday to Sunday – 10am to 9pm


The Nailist – Raffles Holland V – Monday to Sunday – 10am to 9pm


Our Other Services


Aside from the full range of nail services that we have, we also provide body waxing, foot reflexology and our coming soon DPL hair removal.


Our Gallery

We are a passionate team providing only the best for our clients. Check out our cool gallery and see for yourself the different amenities of the three branches of Nailist.