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Holland Village Manicure and Pedicure Salon Singapore



Who doesn’t want to get clean, trendy, and meticulously cared nails? We all want them, don’t we. That’s why it is important to go visit the best manicure and pedicure Singapore every time you feel that your nails need extra love and care. Clean, well-groomed and pretty nails are all we hope for and we’ve got them covered. You will surely go home with a smile.


Manicure Singapore


This salon is not only your typical manicure and pedicure Singapore salon. We are definitely better than others. Manicures require skill and artistry. Here at our salon, we ensure to train our nail technicians and let them have the first hand experience. We offer a variety of manicure types that you can enjoy. Come on, let us get those fingernails ready and make them lovely.


We have various types of manicure services: we have the regular tip, French, galish, glitter, nail art, plain lacquer and many others. Just ask our trusted nail technician and surely they’ll know what to do. You can try and get trendy with acrylic extensions, or express your style with our 3D designs and overlay. But you can always go back to the classic if you want to keep it simple and elegant.


Pedicure Singapore


Like manicures, our pedicure services are always at par to the services of our competitors. Similar to manicures, we ensure that our pedicure services are done by one of our well-trained staff. Of course, we only use the best tools, which we keep sterilized and hygienic all the time. No need to worry about anything! Just let us do your nails and we’ll make them neat and pretty. Everything will be done meticulously .

Various Types of Pedicure and Manicure


Manicure and pedicure Singapore have many types. The most common are the basic, American, French, Gel Manicure and Pedicure, and Nail Art.


Basic. Basic manicure is one of the most popular manicures and pedicures out there. It usually involves cleaning, treatment, and a little extras like nail polish application. The pedicure usually starts with a foot soak, which softens dead skin and make the process of cleaning much easier. Then, cleaning and grooming follow. You can tell the nail technician if you want to have nail polish applied on your toenails.


American. This is similar to basic manicure but the nails shaped rounder than usual. The nails are also painted with an off-white lacquer.


French. Like other manicure and pedicure treatments, French-style starts off with basic cleaning and preparation. The nails are then coated with a clear white polish ( sometimes, it can be pale pink) and then applied with white polish on the tips. The nails are then coated with top coat.


Gel manicure and pedicure Singapore. Gel treatments usually involve basic cleaning and grooming. With color, the nail technician will be using gel nail polish after the base coat. The nails are then exposed briefly to UV light to hasten drying and to help “cure” the polish, which helps prolong the life of the manicure and pedicure. After that, a top coat will be applied and the nails will be cured again under UV light. This process has become widely popular because the nail color can last up to 2 weeks without chipping off.


Nail Art. If you want a more fashion-forward nail style, go with nail art. There are various types of nail arts that you can choose from. This Holland Village Salon can surely have something to suit your needs. We have 3D designs, overlay, and can even use acrylic nails as extension to your real nails. Nail extensions are done when the client’s nails are too short for a nail art to begin with.


Did You Know?

Did you know that getting a regular manicure and pedicure has its benefits? Yes! Having your manicure and pedicure Singapore regularly has a number of benefits. Getting them does not only improve your appearance, but has the following benefits as well:


Improved skin health. Hands and feet are always exposed to dirt, dust and pollution – the elements that can result in grime accumulation and of course, dead skin cells. The feet are the most prone area for this, but the hands are common victims as well. Getting a professional manicure and pedicure Singapore will help assure proper exfoliation or sloughing off the dead skin cells. Hence, doing them regularly can greatly improve one’s feet and hands appearance.


Helps prevent fungal infection. Fungal infection is common to hands and feet that are not groomed well, since the fungi usually breed in unclean and moist environment. Nonetheless, getting your pedicure and manicure regularly will help keep these areas clean and groomed, thus, keeping away those nasty fungal infections.


Helps with the improvement of blood flow. Manicure and pedicure Singapore usually involve proper hand and foot massage. The massage techniques, when done properly, help improve the circulation of blood, increasing the blood flow to your extremities. Massaging can also help alleviate pain, if there are any, as well as make you feel more relaxed. Moreover, it is ideal to get hand and foot massages especially during  colder months to help with the proper distribution of body heat.


Improved mental health. Apart from making your nails look great and the health benefits mentioned above, a regular manicure and pedicure Singapore can also help with the well being of your mental health. How? Because stress is one of the culprits why one is suffering mentally. And with these regular treatments, you can get relief from stress. Having such treatments can help make you feel good, instantly! Moreover, having pedicures and manicures regularly helps improve your confidence and heighten your self-worth.


Want something that will surely make your nails look great? Come and get that Holland Village manicure and Holland Village pedicure and make yourself feel and look awesome. We assure that we have a team of nail technicians who are ready for any requests. Our nail technicians are well-trained and are assessed properly so you can be sure that they are healthy. We know that a good team of nail technicians is the key to having the best nail salon in town. Hence, we only hire staff that has proper training, extensive experience, and is healthy, cheerful, friendly and most importantly, professional as well.